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Are the organization’s expenditures in control?

The solution that will enable you to determine whether the company’s expenses are excessive, and the way by which countless percentages of costs in the supply chain, can be saved.

Throughout the years, we have met CEO’s and Deputy Directors who felt that expenses, incurred through the course of the supply chain were unnecessarily high. In our discussions with them it became clear to us, just how strong the need existed for a skilled body, that would grant the company and its employees, the tools for saving high percentages in the various costs incurred along the supply chain; starting from the cost of purchasing and continuing through to logistical costs and stock management.


It was from this need, that we established Nito Tech, uniting the accumulated experience of the local and foreign markets to form the “Savings Program”: a proven work method that is already saving extensive costs to those organizations that we are already working with.



How to obtain the highest return for value?

The method that we developed is based upon the analysis of potential savings in the organization and forming an active program, that will bring about an improvement in work methods, time saving, cutting down of unnecessary expenses and ostensibly, the extension of the profit margin.

For this reason, we have created a multinational team, manned by experts in the field of procurement and the art of negotiation; seasoned experts in the field of purchasing. Our team members come from the USA, Russia, Italy, Australia, Hungary and New Zealand. Each of them knows the markets well, the jargon, the mentality of their countries of origin, in a way that allows them to maximize the negotiation process with vendors from all over the globe.


We utilize the international network of connections that we have built to save purchasing costs, applying our vast experience in negotiation and the management of both domestic and international tenders, leading efficiency processes in organizations and by using our wealth of experience in the field of project management of various types.

All this will enable your company to receive the highest return for every shekel that is invested and will make efficient, those work methods that rob valuable work time, with the utmost transparency.

Do you want to realize your organization’s utmost potential in savings?

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