Procurement Management in the Field of Construction

A driving force behind significant savings in your project.

Professional procurement management by Nito Tech’s construction division has saved millions of shekels for building contractors and entrepreneurs in equipment and raw materials costs.

All entrepreneurs and building contractors know the significance behind heavy costs as the building project progresses; from the net costs of raw materials and the equipment necessary to stand by pressured timetables, to taking care of unexpected and infrequent demands.
Nito Tech was established to take care of those very issues, for you, contractor or entrepreneur who wants controlled and affective action and at the same time with full exposure to the purchasing for the project.
As a professional procurement company with vast experience in the field of hotel and infrastructure procurement, and in the establishment of private and communal buildings both on domestic soil and overseas, Nito’s construction division will help you to reduce your costs considerably.

Identifying International opportunities

Significant savings in purchasing costs happen by constantly turning to international markets: This happens because international supply is almost endless and the capability of finding cheaper alternatives overseas is abundant.
With the assistance of our international team which is in constant touch with overseas markets, Nito Tech’s experts will be excited to locate alternative supply sources for your company. By charting alternatives, we will carry out successful negotiations that will in turn, bring you the products (including ALL the logistics) to your company’s doorstep.

Maximizing the Possibility of Negotiation

Years of professional experience in the art of complex negotiations, allows our buyers to achieve optimum results for your organization/company.

Saving Valuable Time

Detecting and relieving bottlenecks that produce unnecessary delays in the work process; by analyzing the present situation and subsequently improving the purchasing process. In the end run, valuable time for the employee is saved and thus, enabling him/her to focus on more productive tasks/activities.

We can make efficient, the purchasing process of specific projects, or conversely, we can function according to the purchasing manager standards of the organization/company.

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