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How do we turn Inventory Management into a Growth Engine?

This is how we will help you improve business function, maximize productivity and optimize savings in costs, by way of Smart Inventory Management.

When inventory is not managed properly, your company is liable to pay unnecessarily for materials, and that’s to say the least! Production capacity is bound to be badly affected by missing stock. How can this be prevented and simultaneously to turn the inventory management into a growth engine for your company?

With the help of the Nito Tech team, your company will enjoy all the advantages of Professional Inventory Management:

  • Maximizing Production Capacity – we will prevent a lack in stock, ensuring production capacity will not being badly affected, so that income and clients will not be lost.
  • Regulation and Control – ordering too much stock, can lead to storage overcrowding and subsequent slowing down of cashflow. Nito’s experts will supervise an protect the inventory, and the volume of goods according to the needs of the company.
  • Vast Savings in Purchasing Costs – due to years of experience in the art of negotiation and procurement management, with vendors from all over the globe.
  • Significant Saving in Logistics Costs – our combined work with hundreds of vendors produces buying power that consequently leads to less outlay in logistics and shorter delivery times.

The SolutionProviding a partial or comprehensive solution for managing the supply chain, depending on the needs of your organization, will allow you to obtain all inventory and purchase solutions in one place.

What is included in Nito’s Inventory Management?

In order to turn the Inventory Management into a growth engine for your company, we want to offer 2 solutions:

  • (VMI – Vendor-managed inventory). Instead of working with scores of vendorswasting valuable time, and overspending on surplus stock supply – we will do all the work for you. Nito’s experts will take care of a strong and well kept inventory, will make sure that stocks stand at the required levels and will ultimately save costs in inventory management, purchasing and logistics.
  • Consignment Inventory Management – In this case, all stock is owned by Nito, allowing the client to pay upon necessity. This allows us to manage the stock, allowing the client to save in the necessity to store large quantities, and preventing flow problems caused by purchasing too much stock. In this case Nito takes care of all the inventory management; from the purchase planning and negotiation with the vendor and to the actual buying, delivery and storage. All that is left is to pay according to the company’s needs.

* The two methods can be combined for inventory management according to the needs of the company.

How does it work? Our team of experts will be located inside your company, so that on one hand, they will be on top of the needs of the company, and on the other hand, will receive from Nito all that is necessary to manage the company’s stock efficiently and to its fullest extent.

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