Supply chain

What is your potential for saving?

 “Savings Plan”: The method that saves vast amounts of money on your supply chain, improves efficiency in the work process and saves valuable time for the company employees.
While other companies are investing resources in the quest for new sources of income, the high costs actually damage the potential for growth. In order to accelerate the growth rate and save vast percentages in the various costs of the supply chain, we have developed the “savings plan” – a method that was developed by expert purchasing managers.

How will we save you time and resources, by way of making the supply chain efficient?

Nito Tech gives the solution including managing the supply chain:

  • Strategic Planning – Defining procurement process targets, analysis of the present situation and building a procurement strategy: Action programs to initiate the decreasing of gaps between desire and reality.
  • Worldwide Purchase Management – A multinational team will negotiate with suppliers from all over the world, will save profoundly in purchase costs and will connect you to the best suppliers.
  • Vendor Management – Instead of working with dozens of vendors, the experts at Nito Tech will do all the work for you: from managing the purchase and meeting the delivery times – to controlling the purchase order, billing and invoices management. In order to get the highest value for investment, Nito manages an internal system for vendor evaluation, and works with high ranking suppliers exclusively.
    Smart Inventory Management – ( link to the page) – maximizing production capacity and savings in purchase costs. Includes an option to pay according to consumption.
    Logistics that saves time and money – utilizing Nito Tech’s buying power, working with scores of suppliers, for the purpose of decreasing delivery costs and times.

Storage Services – you don’t have enough storage space? Nito offers UPS storage facilities and daily delivery services to the company premises.

Obtaining the best prices from suppliers is not the only important thing. Our solutions to supply chain management lead to significant savings in time and costs.

Supply Chain Management: Why is it worthwhile?

The purchasing managers of Nito Tech allow you to enjoy a host of important advantages, on the way to accelerate growth and increase your organization’s financial strength:

  • Seeing the results in the arena – years of experience in the field of supply chain management and decreasing unnecessary costs.
  • Focus – your buyer has enough responsibilities to deal with. At Nito, 100% devotion to cost saving in the supply chain.
  • Turning to international markets – a multinational, multi lingual team, opens the door of opportunities for seriously decreasing costs by way of working closely with international markets.
  • Customer oriented compensation plan – working on retainer instead of payment by percentages, produces a common interest toward multiple cost savings
  • Transparency and control – grants you full control and strives for maximum savings through the precision of the work process.
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