Are the Expenses in the Organization Higher than they Should Be?


That’s the million-dollar question (and sometimes more), that company owners and directors ask us when we meet. In most cases, the answer is unequivocal: Of those day to day purchasing, stock management and logistics processes that are carried out in the company, it is possible to expend less. How much less? From our experience, the betterment of the various stations in the chain of supply brings about the savings of vast amounts of money.

From this insight, Nito Tech was born, and the “Savings Program” was created: a unique method of maximizing performance and the saving of extensive amounts of money. This method is implemented by seasoned experts in the field of purchasing: These professionals are wholly and solely focused upon the efficiency of the supply chain, in order to save time and money for your company.


How to Save Valuable Resources in Your Company?

Chain of Supply Management

Making efficient the various stations in the supply chain by using the unique method that leads to the improvement of performance.

Procurement Management in Organizations

an outsourced purchasing department will help in cutting costs, will make processes more efficient, and will save precious time for company employees.

Procurement Management in Projects – in construction and infrastructure

from building right from the beginning to construction renewal. Striving for the minimizing of costs without compromising on the quality of the project.

Stock Management

All that is needed to maximize production capacity and to save on costs accrued in stock management, purchasing and logistics.

Between our Clients

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About Nito Tech

NIto Tech was founded following numerous meetings with uppermost managers of their various fields, that felt that the costs incurred along the supply chain were unreasonably high. In light of the understanding that it is possible to save enormous amounts in costs and make work methods efficient, we created a solution including the efficiency of the supply chain: a solution that maximizes performance in the many organization with which we work.